Some of My Projects

For the love of coding!!

CRUD Database Website

JavaScript | Visual Studio

• The app takes advantage of dependency injection by using an IoC container to handle the newing up of objects.
• Used a MySQL database on the backend for data storage.
• Created a ProductRepository model with CRUD methods for inserting new products, displaying products, updating products, and deleting products.
• The ProductController links the models to the views and calls the correct views to display depending on the user’s interaction.

Best Buy CRUD Database Console | Visual Studio

SQL | C# | .NET Core

• The BestBuy database simulates an inventory management system and employee sales records.
• Implemented a repository pattern to isolate the data access logic and business logic in order to allow for a more loosely coupled approach to data access from a sample BestBuy database.
• Demonstrated CRUD operations through a console user interface.


.NET Core | Visual Studio

• This program will simulate a conversation between Kanye West and Ron Swanson through API calls.
• Using the Newtonsoft.JSON NuGet package the program will make a call to the Kanye URL and parse the JSON object into a string called kanyeQuote.
• The application makes a call to the Ron Swanson API and parses the JSON Array into a string called swansonQuote.
• The program will “chat” using a loop to simulate the two talking back and forth until the loop finishes execution.

Tacobell Geolocator

C# | .NET Core | SQL | xUnit

• Uses a CSV file or a SQL database to populate an IEnumerable<'Tacobell> called locations.
• Test-Driven Development using xUnit ensures that invalid or missing data is handled correctly.
• If the data is out of bounds or cannot be parsed, then the parse method returns null.
• Finally, utilizing the Geolocator NuGet package, the program will calculate the two farthest Tacobells.

Website Development

HTML5 | CSS3 | PHP | JavaScript
JQuery | API | Bootstrap 4.5 | VS Code

• Built a complete responsive Bootstrap website layout.
• Built a top-bar above out menu, a navigation menu using the Bootstrap framework with the navbar component.
• Added my own custom styling to the framework.
• Created my own logo using Microsoft Word.
• Custom Bootstrap Carousel Image Slider, a fixed background image section with a modal pop-up HTML, and layout various width and columned sections.
• Emoji Navbar Collapse
• Two Column & Bootstrap Jumbotron Sections
• Footer & Socket HTML & CSS
• Responsive Media Query CSS
• Image gallery set as black and white photos to full color upon hover.
• Contact Form in HTML/CSS/PHP/JavaScript with email validation, Google Recaptcha, and form submission that utilizes an API and the if else statement.

Cafeteria Ordering

C# | VS Code | Windows Form Application | .NET Framework

• Business application for efficient ordering that takes user input.
• Radio buttons and text boxes were used in the Windows Form
• All numerical results are converted to currency utilizing the .ToString() method.
• Set the modifier public for the user selections and math calculation variables and utilized the double data type.
• Used a private modifier to set prices per variable, declared and stored them in C# code.
• Upon user selection the code will add the base price, surcharges for extra items, calculate the sub-total, calculate sales tax, add the sub-total to sales tax and produce the Grand Total.
• Initialized calculated variables per price, surcharge and quantity to zero for clearing out the form upon user request or after purchase; by adding code to clear all ckecked items by making them = to false; setting variables back to zero for numerical items and utilized the null string of "" for text boxes.